Accounting for Asia’s Biodiversity

Accounting for Asia’s Biodiversity

The world faces a growing biodiversity crisis. The Asian finance industry should take the lead in developing standardized frameworks and methodologies for biodiversity accounting in regional projects, says ADM Capital’s Christopher Botsford.

In a recent Op-Ed published in Environmental Finance he points out that Investments that help to reduce or offset carbon emissions are often perceived as the priority as Asia strives to meet 2050 net-zero targets and address the climate crisis. Yet, protecting the region’s biodiversity is just as critical.

In both instances, sustainable finance can be a powerful force for change with robust and standardised frameworks to measure the environmental impacts of projects and investments.

While there can be no one size-fits-all methodology for tracking changes in biodiversity across different regions and at different locations, there are key principals the finance industry should consider when developing its own methods for accounting for biodiversity impacts.

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