ADM Capital Foundation – Annual Report 2023

ADM Capital Foundation – Annual Report 2023

Net Zero and Nature Positive provide a clear direction for the Future

ADM Capital Foundation’s 2023 Annual Report highlights 2023 as the year of broken records as global greenhouse gas emissions reached a new high – and it’s getting hotter. Considering trajectories of biodiversity loss, carbon emissions and temperature warming, the 2023 Annual Report reflects on ADM Capital Foundation’s direction and strategy as well as the important work of its partners.

The aim of the Foundation remains to understand how our environmental and economic systems are evolving, and to take those insights as a starting point to protect biodiversity and natural resources, reduce system stresses, and build resilience.

As we move towards a much hotter world, it is no longer sufficient to focus solely on building resilience to the locked-in effects of 1.5°C warming. This realization has strengthened the Foundation’s partnerships and initiatives aimed at shifting away from the current catastrophic trajectory by addressing major carbon sources, where Asia can lead the way in decarbonization.

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