ADM Capital Sustainability Report 2023

ADM Capital Sustainability Report 2023

ADM Capital Sustainability Report 2023

As one of the longest-standing ESG-integrated private credit fund managers in Asia, we have witnessed the region’s growth story over the past 26 years. At the same time, the region has a concentrated number of climate-vulnerable countries. While governments are working towards regulations to support the net-zero transition, institutions in the private capital markets, such as ADM Capital, have a crucial role to play in bridging the funding gap and driving meaningful environmental and social outcomes.

Our core investment approach is based on the principle that economic prosperity and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. ADM Capital’s investment strategy incorporates ESG principles and prioritizes value creation for our stakeholders. This allows us to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns for our investors while managing associated risks and delivering positive lasting impact where we can. In 2023, we further enhanced our ESG capabilities and strengthened our engagement with portfolio companies to better manage environmental and social risks, which we also hope will yield long-lasting benefits to our communities and the environment in Asia.

In our most recent Sustainability Report, we recognize that Asia has a key role to play in halting nature loss. USD44 trillion of economic value generation, over half of the world’s GDP, is moderately or highly dependent on nature and is exposed to risks from nature loss. The stakes are even higher in Asia, where 63% of the region’s GDP, is threatened by biodiversity and nature loss. Amidst Asia’s rapid urbanization and industrialization, SMEs that form the backbone of the Asian economies are often associated with activities such as agriculture, manufacturing, and resource extraction, which can disrupt natural habitats, ecosystems, and biodiversity. With our presence in financing SMEs across a range of sectors in the region, we view this as our fiduciary responsibility to our planet and investors to continue to support our borrowers in managing nature-related risks and capturing opportunities to generate solutions.

We extend our sincere gratitude to our valued investors, borrowers, dedicated service providers, and employees. 2023 was a challenging year as we experienced extreme climate events, from unprecedented floods to heatwaves across Asia, but it strengthens our conviction to be a steward of the planet as we continue to navigate the complexities of the evolving climate and biodiversity crisis. We will persist in enhancing our ESG integration and stewardship practices, sharpening our toolkits, and embracing innovation to prepare for the journey ahead.

You can read the ADM Capital Asia Private Credit Sustainability Report 2023 here.


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