ADMCF Signs Cooperation Letter with United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

ADMCF Signs Cooperation Letter with United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

ADMCF Signs Cooperation Letter with United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

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ADM Capital Foundation (ADMCF) and UNDP have signed a letter of intent to cooperate towards a shared vision of economic, social and environmental development in Asia.

Collaboration between the organizations is expected to centre around unlocking investments that can transform agricultural commodities supply chains towards more sustainable systems, with each working in their areas of knowledge.

“Delivering on national and international development objectives, including the SDGs, will involve adopting new growth trajectories across many sectors,” the two organizations wrote in their Statement of Intent.

This is particularly urgent in the land use sector in South East Asia, where emissions from converting forest to agriculture greatly exceed global averages. Pressure on land is also expected to increase given high economic growth rates, changing consumption patterns, a rapidly growing middle class, and the physical impacts of climate change.

Engagement between ADMCF and UNDP is expected to involve joint project and initiative development, resource mobilization and implementation, taking advantage of both Signatories ́ complementary expertise, networks and resources.

Access to finance is a key barrier to scaling capital-intensive sustainable land use practices. Through this collaboration, UNDP and the ADM Capital Group will be looking for opportunities to collaborate on crowding-in investments along the regional supply chains of sustainable agricultural commodities and seeking to address the complexities that prevent supply chain actors from accessing finance through traditional channels.

Collaboration is expected along two levels: Unlocking investments that can transform agricultural commodity supply chains towards more sustainable systems; a broader regional agreement that involves sectors beyond agricultural commodities – including clean energy.

ADMCF is the non-profit foundation of private credit manager, ADM Capital. In programmes across five key sectors – marine environment, water security, air quality, wildlife trade and forestry conservation finance – ADMCF contributes to climate action and biodiversity protection.

Via the Tropical Landscapes Finance Facility and other Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) integrated funds, ADM Capital models commercial investment with clear environmental and social benefit. The ADM Capital Group to whom ADM Capital and ADMCF belong, shares a vision of deforestation free supply chains and improved livelihoods for rural communities.