To identify and invest into companies that have a demonstrable advantage in their chosen sector of the food chain, have a survivability bias in volatile markets by being cost competitive and are working toward the highest environmental, social and governance standards.

  • The Cibus Fund will invest in rapidly-growing food chain companies that adopt technologies to enable the profitable and sustainable capture of high-growth market and produce opportunities.
  • These companies will produce, process and distribute more food whilst optimising inputs and mitigating any potential environmental damage as the industry deals with scarcity of resources and other exogenous factors.
  • The Cibus funds will identify food chain champions based in OECD markets where the factors of production can be easily secured and are well placed to supply the growth markets through vertical and horizontal integration.
  • The Cibus funds do not intend to invest in businesses seeking returns from farm land appreciation on a broad scale.
  • The Cibus strategy is a food and agribusiness focused platform that will invest opportunistically in food companies whose operating model, proprietary technologies or secure access to natural resource inputs provide a sustainable competitive advantage.

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