Global Food and Agriculture

Technological investment in this sector has been behind or absent in the last 50 years.  Food chain participants are playing catch up in a significant and exciting way. ADM Capital has the industry expertise, network of relationships and tested investment process required to identify, invest in and partner with the next generation of leading food and agricultural companies.

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Water Risk

Water is the single largest risk factor for emerging nations concerned about food security.  The large-population and net food consumption countries (China, for example) are importing water in the form of the high value food groups (beef, chicken, pork, fish, dairy).  The global water map is shifting, and attractive investment opportunities are emerging ahead of these changes.



Rapid urbanisation is challenging food security, traditional value chains and the demand for food. Changing demographics and evolving consumer behaviour in emerging economies, accompanied by wide-spread and increasing resource limitations, creates an increased demand for operational efficiency and innovation.



We believe there is a survivability bias and greater long term returns available for companies upholding the highest standards in environmental, social, governance and sustainability (commercial and ethical) criteria. Adhering to robust ESG frameworks as defined by the IFC, ADM Capital looks to add holistic value to businesses and create best-in-class, sustainable examples of success.


Demonstrated Performance

ADM Capital has deployed more than USD215m in food and agriculture related investments, across emerging and developed economies.

ADMCapital_AG_dedicated team

Dedicated Specialist Investment Team

The investment team has considerable sector experience, having collectively supervised >USD9bn in transactions, USD3.5bn of which have been in Food and Agriculture.


Favourable Economic Conditions

A combination of demographic, social and cultural trends have created a unique opportunity to capitalise on systemic industry inefficiencies.

Emerging Market Consumption Growth

Population growth, rising middle-class per capita income and changing diets have resulted in a 10-year protein import growth rate of 15% in Asia and Africa and 17% in China.  Europe and Oceania are the leading producers of these high-end food groups.  With the favourable legal framework, infrastructure, technology and water, we will invest in promising companies in developed economies that are strategically positioned to take advantage of favourable macroeconomic conditions and growth rates.

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