ADM Capital believes that the environmental and social aspects of businesses ultimately impact returns. As such, we fully expect that our investments, whilst producing superior returns, should be based on sound ESG principles.

Strong Relationships with the World’s Leading Development Finance Institutions

ADM Capital invests alongside prominent global DFI’s to achieve strong, stable returns. Continued collaboration to enhance E&S due diligence processes on initial investments, and the monitoring and supervision of E&S action plans throughout an investment’s lifecycle are strategic priorities for ADM Capital.

ADM Capital Manages Funds for which ESG Practices are Key Investor Concerns

The success of our funds demonstrates that good practice and sound governance need not hinder performance. In the past we have named our funds after animals thought to be endangered or under threat due to habitat change or other man-made causes

UN Principles for Responsible Investment

ADM Capital was one of the first signatories to the UN PRI in Asia in 2008 and remains committed to the principles in its investment activities.

ADM Capital Categorises Investments in Alignment with IFC’s E&S Sensitivities

Many of ADM Capital’s investments must pass rigorous third party E&S screening before the Borrower can secure financing. ADM Capital works proactively with portfolio company management to add ESG value and improve governance practices.

The ADM Capital Foundation

The ADM Capital Foundation has over 10 years of experience in proffering catalytic philanthropy in the environment sector, and acts as an ESG consultant to ADM Capital and provides proprietary pipeline investment opportunities and strategic recommendations to the IAC’s.