Sustainability Report (Private Credit) 2021

Sustainability Report (Private Credit) 2021

Sustainability Report (Private Credit) 2021

In 2021, the global pandemic caused us all to pause and think about the causality of our actions, personal and economic. It threw into stark relief the very foundations of the commonly accepted trope that globalisation, just-in-time supply chains and the cheapest cost of production were the guiding principals of social and economic development.

This shift – a long time coming but swift when it arrived – was driven in part by the fundamental reshaping of work and values amid repeated COVID-19 lockdowns worldwide. The subsequent economic turmoil and exacerbated social disparities helped spotlight diversity, equity and inclusion at work and in the communities where we operate. Another contributor was the increasingly urgent appeals from global scientists to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and stem species loss amidst dual and interlinked climate and biodiversity crises.

To achieve a more sustainable future, we face rapid and profound economic, business and societal transformation  – change that will impact every industry and every individual. These challenges are what motivate us at ADM Capital – both from an opportunity and risk perspective. That’s where we see ADM Capital playing a pivotal role – in aiding the transition and in furthering non-destructive value as we lend.

Whether it’s through our ESG-integrated Asia private credit strategy, our new thematic climate-focused impact funds under development, or our private equity Cibus funds, fostering sustainable development in the private markets will ultimately lead to improved risk adjusted returns of our investment portfolios.

You can read the ADM Capital 2021 Sustainability Report at the link below:

ADM Capital Sustainability Report 2021 (Private Credit).


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