Established in 1998 during the Asian Financial Crisis, ADM Capital has been a flexible, trusted provider of credit in Asia Pacific for more than 25 years. Initially focused on distressed debt and restructuring opportunities, the business has grown to be a leading private credit manager focused on financing the region’s underbanked mid-market corporates in their pursuit of growth.

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ESG Integrated


All investment strategies consider ESG risks and opportunities.

ADM Capital has successfully invested across the cycle and through various economic crises. We focus on downside protection, the preservation of capital and risk-adjusted performance.

Our disciplined investment approach is underpinned by a core set of investment principles and business values, and an experienced team of private market investment professionals.

Investment Strategies

ADM Capital is a private credit specialist, with a 25-year track record across developed and emerging Asia Pacific markets. We have developed deep proprietary sourcing networks, extensive structuring capabilities and are regarded as a reliable and trusted source of capital.

We Pursue Two Credit Strategies Across Asia Pacific:

  • Secured Direct Lending

  • Climate-Focused Credit

ADM Capital believes that the social and environmental aspects of businesses ultimately influence performance and refinancing risk. As such, we fully expect that our investments, whilst producing superior returns, should be based on sound ESG principles.

ADM Capital works closely with the ADM Capital Foundation, an impact driven, environmentally focused foundation seeking to make change in Asia.

Private Credit

Asia Pacific Direct Lending

Our secured lending strategy looks to generate uncorrelated returns and alpha over liquid credit markets via proprietary sourcing, tight deal controls and strong collateral packages. We use our regional capability to actively invest across the Asia Pacific region's most attractive risk-adjusted opportunities. ADM Capital uses its position as a secured lender to drive positive environmental and social developments in its portfolio companies.

Asia Pacific Climate-Focused Credit

ADM Capital Climate seeks to help finance the vast shifts underway in the power, food and land use sectors in Asia. Drawing on the firm’s experience in Asia Pacific lending and ESG and Sustainability leadership, ADM Capital Climate works with the world’s leading development finance institutions and internationally recognised impact investors and NGOs to deliver investment vehicles built on partnerships, community and conservation.

Embedded Environment & Social Principles

We view Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) integration as part of our fiduciary duty and believe that as a fund manager, we have an important role to play in supporting our portfolio companies’ social and climate outcomes.

ADM Capital Foundation

Supporting Climate Action And Biodiversity Protection

In 2006, the partners of ADM Capital established the ADM Capital Foundation (ADMCF) recognising the need for innovative models of funding to address Asia’s substantial environmental challenges. The ADM Capital Foundation is a registered charitable institution with more than USD30m invested in projects with over 70 partners in 10 Asian countries.

Giving Back To Our Community, Promoting Change.

Since 2006, the ADM Capital Foundation has focused philanthropic support largely on the environmental challenges we face in Asia, with a view to promoting systemic change rooted in research and data, taking risk and serving as a convenor, creating local initiatives where partners don't exist. The ADM Capital Foundation works to improve the environmental context where we work and beyond.

ADM Capital welcomes discussions with potential borrowers, institutional investors and those interested in sustainability.

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