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Press release | 05-12-2023
ADM Capital announces the launch of its Asia Climate-Smart Landscape Fund (“ACLF”) focussed on Indonesian small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in sustainable agriculture, agroforestry and aquaculture. The private credit fund will provide medium-term senior secured financing and has a 50% guarantee at the asset level, and links 50% of carried interest to the achievement of defined impact targets.
Insight | 13-11-2023
ADM Capital has been a credit provider to mid-market corporates across Asia Pacific for 25 years. In that time, much has changed.  Asia Pacific economies have become more sophisticated and their financial systems more resilient. Capital markets in the region have grown strongly and regulatory environments have improved beyond recognition.
Report | 21-08-2023
Formed in 2015 by the Financial Stability Board, the TCFD equips companies with insights to facilitate investors, lenders, and insurance underwriters in conducting systematic evaluations of climate change-related hazards. In 2017, TCFD introduced its first climate-linked financial disclosure recommendations with a comprehensive framework of suggested disclosures concerning climate-associated risks and opportunities.
Report | 21-07-2023
In Asia, we see a worrisome backdrop of temperature extremes, sea level rise, biodiversity loss as well as more frequent typhoons, floods and droughts. Asia accounts for 53% of global GHG emissions, and without rapid societal transformation and further steep commitments for reductions, there is no credible pathway to limiting temperature increases to the 1.5°C scientists say we must not exceed.
Insight | 11-07-2023
As an Asia Pacific private credit manager with over 25 years of experience investing through various market cycles, our view is that now more than ever there is a compelling story of Asian pan-regional growth, lack of correlation to other global markets and an opportunity to achieve inherent portfolio diversification with the expanding Asian cross-border opportunity set.
Report | 09-05-2023
ADM Capital Foundation's 2022 Annual Report, highlighting the work of its programmes across an extraordinary year, wherein the Conference of the Parties to three of the world’s major international environmental conventions coincided in a perfect storm.
Op-Ed | 09-05-2023
Christopher Botsford's latest op-ed for The Jakarta Post on why Europe should do more to support Indonesia’s farmers and SMEs. Highlighting the urgent need for financial support and access to training for many in order to transition to more sustainable practices.
Article | 13-04-2023
A recent article published in Business Times by ADM Capital's Christopher Botsford, on why Europe needs to engage and invest more to stop deforestation in Southeast Asia. 
Insight | 11-04-2023
Intra-Asia connectivity is growing at a tremendous pace and traditional financing channels are lagging demand. We highlighted this Asia-for-Asia theme as a core driver of the regional financing opportunity in our 2023 outlook. For this quarter’s insight we will take a closer look at both the conventional and non-traditional drivers fueling this trend.
Op-Ed | 10-03-2023
In a recent op-ed published by Business Asia, Christopher Botsford, points out that Investments that help to reduce or offset carbon emissions are often perceived as the priority as Asia strives to meet 2050 net-zero targets. Yet, protecting the region's biodiversity is just as critical.
Op-Ed | 08-03-2023
In an article published by Nikkei Asia, ADM Capital’s Co-founding Partner, Christopher Botsford, notes that claims of “greenwashing” remain prevalent and are often made with little understanding of the local context or the complexity of Southeast Asia’s green transition.
Insight | 17-01-2023
In the last few years, public markets have been roiled by volatility and uncertainty relating to Covid-19, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, a China property crisis and rising interest rates. In the face of such macro volatility, private credit in Asia is certainly proving adaptable, given the ability to be selective in credit identification and flexible in the pursuit of downside protection, benefiting both lenders and borrowers.
Report | 04-01-2023
Published by ADM Capital Foundation, this working paper addresses the development of a biodiversity accounting framework through the lens of private credit investment in Indonesia. It explores the emerging tools, metrics, and workflows that contribute to measuring tangible changes in biodiversity made through impact investments.
Insight | 26-08-2022
The Tropical Landscapes Finance Facility (TLFF), which provides long-term capital to sustainability-focused projects in Indonesia, has successfully discharged its inaugural transaction, a landmark USD 95 million loan with the bond repaid in full, to support Indonesia’s first sustainable natural rubber plantation.
Report | 20-07-2022
In 2021, the global pandemic caused us all to pause and think about the causality of our actions, personal and economic. It threw into stark relief the very foundations of the commonly accepted trope that globalisation, just-in-time supply chains and the cheapest cost of production were the guiding principals of social and economic development.
Insight | 23-06-2022
ADM Capital recognizes the need to manage climate risk through careful assessment and research, and engagement.
Insight | 12-05-2022
iNurture Education Solutions, a pioneering EdTech firm in higher education, providing new-age and industry-relevant under-graduate and post-graduate degree programmes in partnership with recognised universities in India, has raised $15 million in a combination of debt and equity from ADM Capital.
Insight | 04-03-2022
Chinese New Year of the Tiger celebrations feel distant in Hong Kong as we navigate the first serious wave of Covid-19 infections.
Insight | 17-01-2022
Despite an aggressive second wave of COVID-19 and associated lockdowns from April to October 2021, India has continued to weather the storm and has gone from strength to strength in 2021.
Insight | 09-12-2021
Halo Creative & Design (the “Company”), the luxury furniture and design company behind the Timothy Oulton brand, today announced that it closed the first tranche of a USD60m growth financing facility from ADM Capital.
Insight | 21-10-2021
We are pleased to announce the full repayment of Project Siri, a USD46.4m senior secured financing to a Thai property developer.
Insight | 09-09-2021
ADM Capital is pleased to announce the exit from its November 2019, USD20m secured debt financing to KreditBee, a Bangalore based fintech company, who used proceeds to facilitate the loan book expansion of its consumer lending business.
Insight | 19-07-2021
Square Yards, India’s largest integrated real estate platform, recently announced that it received USD25m in growth financing from ADM Capital, a global investment manager with USD2.4 billion assets under management across Asia Pacific and Europe.
Insight | 28-06-2021
2020 was an exceptionally challenging year. As COVID-19 ripped through our communities and our economies, the pandemic’s cost, measured in human life, job losses and dramatic disruptions to hundreds of millions of lives globally, was painfully tangible.
Insight | 25-01-2021
Chris Botsford, Co-founding Partner at ADM Capital, participated in a virtual panel discussion alongside The Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action on 20 January 2021.
Insight | 21-01-2021
India’s macro position was already stretched when the COVID-19 pandemic struck in March 2020. The funding environment was constrained following a series of problems in the banking sector in 2018-19, the INR was held back by persistent current account deficits, with government spending power limited by persistent fiscal deficits.
Insight, Press release | 28-11-2020
CWR, an initiative of ADM Capital Foundation, released a series of “survival guides” to avoid Atlantis in its “CWR Coastal Capital Threat Series”.
Insight | 28-11-2020
ADM Capital Foundation is featured in Convergence's State of Blended Finance 2020, which is an authoritative reference point on the global blended finance market, presenting data and analysis from the largest and most detailed database on historical blended finance transactions.
Report | 28-11-2020
The TLFF I transaction is included among the case studies in the Blended Finance Task Force's Better Finance Better Food report, which was released this past week.
Press release | 07-09-2020
ADM Capital Foundation (ADMCF) and UNDP have signed a letter of intent to cooperate towards a shared vision of economic, social and environmental development in Asia.
Insight | 10-08-2020
The UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) in July 2020 granted ADM Capital an A+ rating for Strategy and Governance and an A rating for Fixed Income – Corporate Non-Financial.
Insight | 13-07-2020
ADM Capital is pleased to announce that it has fully exited from its investment in Project Joy 2 achieving a 20% IRR and a 1.55x cash-on-cash multiple.
Insight | 30-06-2020
In June 2020, ADM Capital fully exited from its investment in Project Clarion achieving an 12.6% IRR and a 1.37x cash-on-cash multiple.
Insight | 29-04-2020
Now more than ever, as we struggle globally with COVID-19, we need to reconsider our relationship with nature. As a zoonotic virus, for which bats and pangolins are reservoir hosts or amplifier hosts, we need to focus on our interaction with species and their habitats.
Insight | 02-02-2020
In February 2020 ADM Capital exited from Project Runway, a December 2018 mezzanine financing for the recapitalisation of a 33,000 sqm, five floor office building in Bundang, Korea, a populous and wealthy suburb of Seoul.
Press release | 23-01-2020
In January 2020 ADM Capital exited from Project Skyride, a 2018 secured loan financing a Shanghai based private equity firm’s acquisition of Grouse Mountain, an iconic ski resort 15 minutes north of Vancouver, Canada.
Insight | 25-06-2019
The potential for significant negative impacts on an investment portfolio from our changing climate, the dramatic loss of biodiversity in recent years, our emptying oceans, has been well documented but has not yet led private sector investors to act urgently to contain these risks.
Insight | 26-03-2019
Over the past five years, India has witnessed several macro developments and changes at the micro level. Improved economic growth potential and progress on nonperforming asset restructuring on the one hand, juxtaposed against a constrained funding environment.
Insight | 26-03-2019
Christopher Botsford, ADM Capital Co-Founder, participated in the 'Founders Chat' panel at the AIMA APAC Annual Forum in Hong Kong on Thursday 7th March, 2019.
Insight | 07-03-2019
Jakarta/Amsterdam, March 7th 2019 - The &Green Fund, a blended finance impact investment fund focused on forest protection and tropical forest commodities today announced that it is investing 23.75 million US dollars in sustainable, deforestation-free rubber in Indonesia.
Press release, Report | 01-03-2019
An ADM Capital Foundation report for the first time documents the scale and nature of wildlife trafficking in Hong Kong, highlighting serious and organized crime.
Press release | 27-11-2018
ADM Capital, a leading Hong Kong and London-based private credit investment manager, announces the final close for its Asia Secured Lending Facility II (ASLF II) with proceeds raised of USD178m.
Insight | 02-08-2018
ADM Capital partner, Chris Botsford, writes in a letter to the Financial Times that more action is needed to promote sustainable development. He suggests that we all should write to our pension funds to ask how they are investing our retirement funds.
Insight | 05-07-2018
A key element of ADM Capital Foundation's work in 2017 has been supporting investors and businesses to an understanding that, when ignored, environmental risk can lead to material economic impact.
Insight | 05-07-2018
[LONDON, 15th June 2018] ADM Capital, the London and Hong Kong-based private credit fund manager, working closely with Tejara Capital and Houlihan Lokey, has led a successful US$520 million refinancing for International Oasis Holding Company KSCC (“International Oasis”).
Insight | 15-06-2018
Against the backdrop of increased volatility in markets, uncertainties in macro fundamentals relating to potential trade wars and higher rates, we take the opportunity to discuss the risk management of our portfolios and articulate our views.
Insight | 26-02-2018
The Tropical Landscapes Finance Facility (“TLFF”) launched its first transaction on February 26th, a landmark USD95 million loan to an Indonesian JV between Michelin and Barito Pacific to help finance a sustainable rubber plantation in two heavily degraded landscapes.
Insight | 08-01-2018
The business of lending has been around for thousands of years, but has evolved in its application, and currently faces significant technological, regulatory and environmental challenges.
Insight | 12-07-2017
Fund structures differ depending on the liquidity and maturity characteristics of the asset class they invest in.
Insight | 16-06-2017
The investing world is currently going through a curious phase. On one hand, the rally in the US equity markets continues undiminished, fuelled by expectations of a pro-business US administration enabling business growth.
Insight | 18-01-2017
Convergence awards grant to ADM Capital and ADM Capital Foundation for design of financing facility for renewable energy and smallholder livelihood projects in Indonesia.
Insight | 12-01-2017
ADM Capital celebrated its’ 20th anniversary last year, and is one of few boutique credit fund managers with such a depth of experience investing in the Asia Pacific region.
Insight | 02-12-2016
At ADM Capital, we source and structure our own deals. Although transaction sizes may typically be smaller and structuring may take more work than sponsored deals.
Insight | 18-11-2016
ADM Capital’s Galleus Fund I won under the “Best Fixed Income, High Yield and Distressed” category at the October 2016 AsiaHedge Awards.
Insight | 24-10-2016
For ADM Capital, our Asian private credit strategy has consistently generated an IRR of 18%+ over the last 5 years. In comparison, Emerging Market high yield bonds have returned a CAGR of 7.1% over the same period.
Insight | 01-10-2016
Christopher Botsford, founding partner and joint chief investment officer at ADM Capital, talks about how the private debt opportunity is unfolding in Asia.
Insight | 14-09-2016
Friday, September 9th 2016 marked the official opening of the Colourstone Processing Facility near Broome, Western Australia.
Insight | 13-09-2016
Globally oriented health and nutrition company Nuchev today announced the successful completion of up to A$20 million in financing from Hong Kong based investment manager ADM Capital.
Press release | 16-05-2016
IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, and ADM Capital, have launched a repeat lending platform to support sound, but financially stressed companies in Asia.
Insight | 26-02-2016
Our most recent exit has been our most successful yet - the USD20m Project Hyatt investment related to the property sector in Malaysia.
Insight | 18-12-2015
Through a combination of equity and scheduled future debt financing, ADM Capital has invested in Rent 2 Own (R2O).
Insight | 15-12-2015
ADM Capital has completed the first tranche of a long-term financing arrangement with Vietnam’s leading consumer finance and retail platform iCare Benefits Group (formerly Mobivi).
Insight | 28-11-2015
April 2016 has been marked as the date for the opening of Yeeda Pastoral Company's new abattoir, which will be situated between Broome and Derby and will have the capacity to process 1200 to 1300 cattle per week.
Press release | 10-06-2015
Diane Foreman's Emerald Group has sold its ice-cream manufacturing subsidiary to a foreign collective for an undisclosed sum.
Press release | 03-06-2015
ADM Capital has provided a $23.5 million loan to finance a rights issue involving Yeeda shareholders Jack Burton and his business partner Mervyn Key.
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ADM Capital Foundation – Annual Report 2023

ADM Capital Foundation’s 2023 Annual Report highlights 2023 as the year of broken records as global greenhouse gas emissions reached a new high – and it’s getting hotter. Considering trajectories of biodiversity loss, carbon emissions and temperature warming, the 2023 Annual Report reflects on ADM Capital Foundation’s direction and strategy as well as the important work of its partners.
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In Asia, we see a worrisome backdrop of temperature extremes, sea level rise, biodiversity loss as well as more frequent typhoons, floods and droughts. Asia accounts for 53% of global GHG emissions, and without rapid societal transformation and further steep commitments for reductions, there is no credible pathway to limiting temperature increases to the 1.5°C scientists say we must not exceed.

Our Core

Secured financings to small and mid-sized companies in the Asia-Pacific region. Investments are structured to provide income, limit downside and, where possible, achieve equity upside.

At ADM Capital we see the opportunity to invest in transition that accompanies our changing climate, starting with the move to renewable energy in Asia and the drive to protect forests as carbon sinks as well as rethink agricultural commodity production in Indonesia to eliminate deforestation.

In programmes across five key sectors, clean air, water, living oceans, finance for nature and wildlife trade, ADMCF contributes to climate action and biodiversity protection.